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Movember Week 3 Update

Well kids, so far I’m getting killed in the direct donations part. If you’d like to donate directly to my moustache, please donate here. It’s all for a great cause, as well as my self-esteem.

But that’s the bad news. The good news is that Peacock Virtual Solutions‘ Like and Follower drive is going fairly well. Peacock Virtual Solutions is donating 50¢ for every new Like and Follower during Movember. If you haven’t Liked or Followed us yet, please do so!

Here are the totals so far:

New Facebook Likes: 44
New Twitter Followers: 24

Additionally, our team has raised almost $2,000! In Spokane, we’ll be having a party to celebrate Movember on November 27th at Saranac Public House. Event details can be found here.

And without further ado, here’s the stache:


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Growing a Stache…For Charity of Course

If I’m just being honest, my face looks better without a dirt squirrel. That said, there are things bigger than me. Raising money for charity is one of them.

Check out my Movember profile for more details about why I’ll be growing a nose neighbor and ways to donate to my lip pet. Also, keep any eye out for a big announcement from my company, Peacock Virtual Solutions, in regards to our Movember campaign.

And check out this page for more great moustache synonyms.


My icky moustache from Movember 2011.


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