drinking on the job

I thought this article was pretty interesting. To summarize, a study was done on the effects of alcohol on memory and creativity. It was shown that those who had a .0075 BAC answered more correct questions and did so more quickly than those who weren’t drinking at all.

The study proved that alcohol frees up creative memory, but not working memory. Subjects were able to think creatively, but struggled to remember what had been done after. According to the study, alcohol improves creative memory by decreasing working memory. Working memory is defined as the system which actively holds information in the mind to do verbal and nonverbal tasks such as reasoning and comprehension

Obviously, alcohol is an issue when abused, and for some it’s an addiction. That said, maybe your company could stand to have a few “creative” Friday afternoon meetings. Brainstorm after a few cocktails (while staying under the legal limit of course) and see what ideas you come up with and what problems you solve.

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